24 May

How To Use Superfoods Effectively

Do you ever get the feeling there’s a never-ending list of things that can cause cancer? Coming in at the second highest cause of death in the US, cancer is a killer indeed. By eating natural food, the old-fashioned way, nature gives us a preventative cure for this very lethal problem. A decade has passed since the name “superfoods” has been attributed to foods that can help with cancer in all of its forms. There are so many superfoods out there, it gives each person quite a variety to choose from when setting up a natural diet program. Instead of taking something to rid your body of cancer, these superfoods can help you make sure it never develops.

Do you like to eat beans? Many people do, and do so in many different dishes every single day. With so many beans out there, you are not limited at all with the choices you can make. Like most superfoods, beans have multiple beneficial qualities including an abundance of fiber and prebiotic qualities that you can’t get with most other types of food. Additional benefits from beans are high amounts of vitamins C and A. So much has been written about anti-cancer properties of both vitamins A and C. Most people will actually eat beans because they provide quite a bit of protein which is healthy for you to eat every day.

Kumquats are a very good fruit you eat, yet if you look for an advertisement featuring them, you probably won’t see one at all. Just like a kiwifruit, the kumquat can be ingested, along with the rind, with no problems at all. When you eat a fruit with a peel or rind, it should usually never be consumed. This is significant because the rind of kumquat contains liminoids. Cancer that is spreading can actually be prevented by liminoids according to in vitro research today. In vitro simply means in lab conditions, and this is where the information as come from. In regard to this research happening in the lab, it is great news by anyone’s standards. Although there are liminoids in the kumquats, there are so many other reasons that you should eat them as well.

If you’re looking for a superfood that provides you with ellagic acid, one of your best choices is raspberries. Recent research on preventing cancer often points to ellagic acid. Ellagic acid has the ability to destroy cancer cells. Even better, it is not harmful to non-cancerous cells. Raspberries can be eaten fresh or stored long term in the freezer, as this won’t lessen their therapeutic qualities. In fact, any form of raspberries, such as jellies and jams, will still have ellagic acid present and you can reap the benefits.

If you care about your health, it’s necessary to take a close look at your diet. Looking at the superfoods for cancer and other medical conditions will maybe give you some inspiration. You can also have more energy and shed any excess pounds by eating these foods. Once you start to experiment with these foods, you’ll find they are delicious as well as nutritious. So start choosing superfoods that appeal to you, and eventually they will become a normal part of your diet.