Italian foods
01 Sep

Here Is What You Should Know About Italian Food

Italian cuisine is entirely different from other food varieties, which originated in Italy. Nowadays people started getting attracted towards Italian food. These types of cuisines give huge importance to the presentation of food too. Their primary usage in all the dishes is Cheese and Wine. Some of the best Italian foods are:


#1 Margherita Pizza (Naples)

This Tasty and cheesy Margherita Pizza is said to be invented in the year 1890. It got the name “Margherita” in honor of an Italian Queen. A slab of flat bread served with spices and oil was around, even before the Italian unification. Pizza has been a common snack or meal, especially in Naples where the tomato sauce was added to the first. Pizza is now available worldwide and has a huge fan base.

Italian Pizza

#2 Lasagna (Bologna)

One of the oldest pasta recipes, lasagna is a traditional Italian food layered with pasta sheets, cheese, and meat sauce. There is some controversy on whether it was invented during the middle ages in Naples or in Ancient Greece. But lasagna is surely one of the most delicious baked Italian dishes.

#3 Gelato (all over Italy)

The ice cream was not invented in Italy, but the evidently perfected the procedure over the centuries. The history of gelato may date back to the Renaissance period, but the exact inventor is unknown. There are over 37,000 gelaterias(the shop that sells gelatos) in Italy. The best gelateria is said to be found in Rome(I Caruso), Florence( La Carraia), and Bologna(La Sorbetteria Castiglione).

#4 Spaghetti and Carbonara (Rome)

Carbonara is not the oldest and iconic pasta dish, but it sure is a delicious treat. The origin of the classic Roman cuisine remains unknown. The name is derived from the word “Carbonara” (charcoal burner), as some say it was a popular dish among the workers in charcoal mines in Italy, some believe it is derived from “Carbonari”, a secret Italian society. But in reality, both these theories are not proven.

Spaghetti and Carbonara

#5 Cicchetti (Venice)

Cicchetti is small like Spanish tapas. The cuisine is served in Venice’s traditional wine bars, called Bacari. In a city overflowing with touristy restaurants like Venice, Cicchetti offers you to mingle with the natives and enjoy the authentic taste of the local cuisine. Bacari is plentifully found in the backstreets of Venice, particularly in the neighborhood around the Rialto Market.