30 Jun

Best Superfoods For Cancer –

The proverbial “never-ending list” of things that cause cancer seems to grow larger each and every year. So it shouldn’t be surprising that cancer is the second-highest cause of death in the US. However, all is not lost because nature has given us ways to protect ourselves the old-fashioned way – foods. Gaining prominence for the last decade, so-called “superfoods” have been emerging year after year.

Variety really is the keyword to think of when considering superfoods. Creating an all-natural diet is really not that hard to do. Keep your body cancer-free, you take superfoods as a preventative method, not so much as an attack on an existing condition.


In the last several years, focusing upon berries, and how they can help with cancer, has been prominently researched by science. These small fruits are packed with various nutrients and antioxidants. Generally speaking, darker berries are higher in cancer-fighting nutrients and superfoods. Darker colored vegetables also have the most nutrients, therefore it makes sense that the darker colored berries also have the same type of consistency. People that have a lot of stress in their lives can produce oxidative stress, a condition where free radicals take their toll your body by damaging the cells. The effects of oxidative stress can be counteracted by eating black raspberries on a regular basis. It comes down to looking at the berries as a group, not just one particular very.


To be protected against cancer, your body needs certain vitamins and one of these in the form of Vitamin A known as beta carotene. One of the best superfoods you can eat that’s rich in beta carotene are carrots; a single serving supplies you with three times the RDA of this crucial vitamin.

If you want to be healthy, you need to eat good sources of fiber, and carrots are one of the best of these. Carrots supply your intestines with prebiotic fiber, which helps maintain the healthy bacteria in that region. Cabbage and carrots mixed together would be an excellent fiber rich snack or accompaniment to a meal. This will give you not only plenty of fiber but lots of other essential vitamins and minerals as well.


Kiwi fruit is an incredibly powerful source of superfoods that provide benefits in many ways. It is actually a berry, and not a fruit, despite the size that it is. In regard to probiotic growth in your intestines, kiwi contains phytonutrients which can act as a prebiotic. Much research has been done on kiwifruit and it’s almost like taking a vitamin and mineral supplement all by itself. Kiwis have so much vitamin C, you could avoid taking a supplement if you eat one of these instead. Due to all of the fiber in kiwi, it can help with prebiotic concerns. Soluble fiber is the best kind to get because it helps keep your arteries clean. In regard to the colon and stomach area, the fiber in the prebiotics can help prevent cancer from appearing.

The power of superfoods to prevent cancer is a relatively new field of study. There were a small number of people talking, researching, and writing about superfoods 30 years ago.

The relationship between cancer (and other illnesses) and diet is no longer controversial as more evidence is found.