Cities for food
01 Sep

Best cities in the world for food

While some people treat food as just a basic necessity, others have a feeling that food is a lot more than just a basic need. There a lot of different cuisines and food preferences around the world built by various cultural practices and in various geographical locations. Food can tell a lot about the history and tradition of the specific region where the food originated. Africa is a continent of sauces, India is a land of spices, Europe popularized artistic taste in food for those who value and enjoy the food. Here is the list of the best cities in the world for food.

Food variety

Tokyo, Japan

The city has more than 220 Michelin-starred restaurants (Michelin, an annually published hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Michelin stars to some selected restaurants). The success of Tokyo food is by mixing old generations techniques with modern styles. The chefs of Tokyo are skilled at integrating old and new food styles to create excellent cuisines. From food at simple noodle shops to expensive sushi restaurants, quality is maintained at the same level in Tokyo.

Georgetown, Malaysia

The capital city of the state of Penang, Georgetown is home to some of the spiciest street food in the world. The vendors in Malaysia use the same recipes that have been used by their ancestors with a bit of Indian and Chinese fusion. Some of the famous dishes are Nasi paprik, Lontong, and car koay teow, which is made of rice noodles stir fried with prawns, eggs, fish cake and chili paste.

Florence, Italy

Italy is known for its art, history, architecture, fashion and mainly its unique cuisine. The primitive food has not changed over the years. The food history dates back to ancient civilizations. Florence is rich with its incredible local-produced world-class olive oil, mellow and cheeses. The thick-crusted, salt-less bread and pasta grew out of tradition. The same dishes are now made into fine-dining meals with artistic work. Some popular dishes are thick soups, Chianti wine, and roasted boar, and rabbit.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The city is located on Canada’s east west coast. The region has some of the best agro lands with growing climate throughout the year. The city has a huge market in food truck business with trucks selling tacos, Indian food, and Chinese cuisines. The city is also a huge destination for original Asian seafood.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is well known for its distinctive cuisine. The city is the hometown of tortellini and mortadella and many other delicacies. Bologna has one of the richest culinary traditions in Italy. Bologna is the place where the traditional Bolognese got its start.